18 oktober 2010

Essence & Models own.

Recently I bought Essence - Glisten up. I saw some swatches online of it on its own, but I didn't like it much, but after I saw it layered over some more darker colors, and I was sold. It's a polish that's pretty sheer on its own, a sheer blue with blue-ish green flakes, shimmers and glitter. = Succes for pure awesomeness.

I layered it over Models own - Pure Purple. Love. Love love love. Close-ups next to the text!

17 oktober 2010

MAC - Bad Fairy

Setting up a few blogposts before I go on vacation tomorrow.

This is Bad Fairy, my first MACpolish ever. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. For 12 euro I expected a little more from it. I love the color, more about that later, but ugh, the application was not all that great, and the brush was of a bad quality. It's a shame.


But the color on the other hand! It's mainly a pink I think, it has copper, gold, mauve maybe? A lot of colors! This asks for more pics.

16 oktober 2010

Favorite polishes of the moment

Hello again.

It's been a while, I know. But hopefully I'll be here more now. Going to Germany soon, planning on spending polishmoney, so all will be fine.

I want to make a post on my favorite polishes of the moment. Why? I don't know, just for fun. Maybe to give you all some ideas. And I just want to share. They're at random order, can't pick firsts or lasts. The colors are totally random. As you can see from the colorchartthing above. Enjoy! <3

1) Essie - Sew Psyched
I saw swatches online, and I was sold. I'm not a big greenfan, but this one somehow sparked my interest. I don't know why. I recently bought it, and I'm in love. It's charming on my skin and it looks like a creme, even though there's silver shimmers in there. Somewhere. You have to look very closely. Swatches soon.

2) Zoya - Kelly
I love grey. Love love love it. Almost every outfit I wear has some sort of grey in there. That's why Kelly's a natural choice for me. And it's a very fall-y and winter-y color.

3) Chanel Paradoxal
Does this need explaining? Great color, great application, great color, great concept. Way to go Chanel.

4) OPI - Fiercely Fiona
Weird yellow that looks great on my skin, what more is there to say! I also love pastels, they look so cute.

5) Essie - Mink Muffs
I always screamed out that brown looks awful on me. It still does, but not on my nails I guess. I tend to look sick with a brown shirt or so. But on my nails, ah. Mink muffs is a perfect taupe/brown, in my opinion.

6) Essie - Lapis of Luxury
Can't describe the color, I just know I love it só much. Is this blurple? I don't know.

7) OPI - Flower to Flower
Pink. Barbie pink. But I don't like barbie, so just pink. I love it, the shimmer is great also.

8) OPI - Suzy says Feng Shui
The perfect shade of blue. I think it's perfect for fall. This was a spring-collection polish right? I think it would be better for fall, but that's just me. Still greaaat.

9) Nubar - Indigo Illusion
Did I post this here yet? I should. I love this duochrome, or multichrome, not sure. I love every color in it, and the shimmer. Yum.

10) Color Club - Revvvolution
Holo! I used to say holo's are not for me. I guess I changed my mind! In combination with grey/black, I love it the most. I'm taking it with me on vacation next week. <3

That's it for now, I'll be posting swatches soon! Just have to edit the photo's.
See you soon(er than before D:)!

17 september 2010

China Glaze - Riveter Rouge and new camera!

It's been a while again. Poop. I was just so busy.
Good news, I got a better camera! A canon eos 1000D. And I'm so happy! It photographs like the best. Well, probably not the best, but the best I've ever had! That's why I put Frodo in the top picture. He's nothing to do with the polish, but I liked the picture.

On to the more exciting stuff for you.

I got this polish a while ago, it was one of the three Vixens I wanted. It really got my interest. I love the color, a deep dark red, with a little hint of brown. It has silver and gold glitter. People call it realllly chunky glitter, but I just put one coat of topcoat on there, David, and I didn't notice any chunkyness. It was smooth and I thought it was just gorgeous.

And it just lit up in the sun! Sadly, the only ray of sun I got was on my way to school, and I didn't bring my camera. Poo >:
Here's another picture for you!

6 september 2010

OPI - Flower to flower

Hello everyone! It's been a little while again. Gah. I pimped my room. Blingbling style.
Not really, I just moved my bed, closets and TV. And it looks great. My room looks even more spacious. But my polishes are hidden in my helmer now, I can't use my mongolian hangthing anymore for a while. >:

Anywho, I finally got it! Flower to flower! The polish I've wanted ever since I saw the swatches, but as soon s I wanted to order it, it was n/a. And in Holland they don't sell it. Gah, FML.

It's a gorgeous pink with a subtle shimmer. A silver shimmer. Application was good once again. Yes, good polish. Good pink, not just the regular stuff. Worth the wait!

2 september 2010

Models own - Top Turquois

I wore this polish a few days ago and made swatches after. This is a great Models Own polish, the color is really stunning and I think it's quite unique.

It's turquoise, as you can see. Or is it teal? Actually, I think it's inbetween, if Google is to be trusted. It applied okay, a little on the thick side (That's why it's all over my hands), and it didn't dry thát great. But the color really makes it up to me.

Here it is with a layer of Gosh Rainbow:

I have a question for my bloggers. I tried cleaning up my nails with a brush, like the tutorial on Lacquerized. But it just doesn't work on me. What could be it? That I don't have pure acetone? Or not the right brush? What brushes do you use to do this?

Thank you!

1 september 2010

Catrice - Meet me at Coral Island

I've had this color for a while now, and I still had to use it. It looks kind of orange, but not orange enough for me to hate it.

I hardly ever use Catrices, I really don't know why. I grab my OPI's a lot more often. But Catrice has a great quality for the amount of money you pay for them. They cost 2,49, and it's actually not a small bottle of polish.

Anywho. I loved it. Then I put Gosh Rainbow over it. Then I hated it.

Have a nice day!

31 augustus 2010

Essie - Mink Muffs

I apologize for the terrible picture. It looks too red and guh.

As I told you, I also got this polish, and I'm so excited! It's a warm, dark taupe. I think it's already on the edge of being brown. The polish dries a tad bit darker than it looks like in the bottle, I experience that with most taupes.

Dryingtime was excelent, I love the color. I think I'll be using this color a lot more from now on, it looks really subtle.

They say this one is a dupe of Chanel Particuliere, but it's a little more warm, as of what I see in pictures. But this polish completely took away my need for this Chanel.

30 augustus 2010

Essie - Lapis of Luxury

Hello again. Today was my first day of school. I really didn't want to go. Meh. But my polish made me a lot happier and excited.

It's Lapis of Luxury by Essie. I wanted this polish, but with my last order, they didn't have this one. Sad panda. And then I saw it in store, with a little discount, and I had to get it. Money well spent.

The color is a lavenderish blue. It's a little more purple than it is on the photo, I tried to capture the color but my camera hates purples (I have to get a better camera). I don't think I have something excactly like this one. Application was great, this was 2 or 3 coats, not sure.

Great one. Again. <3

29 augustus 2010

OPI - Rumple's Wiggin'


Today I'm showing you Rumple's Wiggin'. I've wanted this polish for a while now, and it was my last polish I needed for the Shrek collection, so I bought it in the store (Wallet says auch!), but it was worth it.

It's a pretty, really light lavender shade. I really like it, even though pastels and purples don't always work on my skin. I think this one did. I don't own a polish like it, so this is a good one.

Application was great, dryingtime was great as well. Just everything I'm used to with OPI. It only didn't dry as glossy as I like my polishes, but a good topcoat helps that.

On another note. I was going so great with not purchasing polishes this month. But today I felt so crappy, school's starting tomorrow and I thought of Puk today. So I went to La Bourse. Just to watch, they never have lots of polishes, and F me, today they did. Lots of Essies. I bought Mink Muffs and Lapis of Luxury. Swatches later on!

23 augustus 2010

China Glaze - Foxy

My nails seem super uneven, it's the shade, really.

I really like this color, it's brown-ish orange. I think. It's a real fallshade, but a really pretty one. I'm not a fall-shades person, they usually make me look sick. But this one is stunning. I love the color, but I don't know if it's 'me'. You know? I think I'll keep it, but maybe not wear it as much. I'd love to wear it during the fall, when the leafs go brown. Maybe make some pics then, I might let you know.

The bottle is more showing what it looks like in real life. Great shade. Great.

And it's getting better and better, the area around my nails. Less red, less skin-y, less everything! Can you see it? Only my pinky is struggling.

21 augustus 2010

OPI - Color to Watch

Here's another color from the Swiss collection from OPI.

Great color in the bottle, duochrome, I think. But the color is pretty sheer, even for my taste. It's a bit more purple than it is on the picture. Gorgeous color, but I think it's better for layering.

Application was great again. But this color is not a favorite of mine.

Hm, love the name-connection with Swiss, with the Watch, thing.

20 augustus 2010

China Glaze - Classic Camel

Here's the polish that, in my opinion, is the most hated shade of the Vintage Vixen collection, but is loved in the end. I've heared that Classic Camel is n/a at lots of places, but on this forum I'm in, everyone hates it with a great passion.

I loved it. After seeing swatches on All Lacquered Up, I fell in love. The way she photographed her nails made the polish look so charming, the shimmer just great. So I purchased it.

I loved it even more than I thought it would. Not really a wow-color, but still. The application was great, for such a light color. I love how the shimmer came out. Ah. Love. Fave'd.

Another pic, I think this color deserves it.

18 augustus 2010

Zoya - Midori

Old swatch-time!

I wore this polish back in my holiday in Turkey (Saying like it's that long ago, about a month, to be really honest). It was great weather, and the color really came through. It's a green polish with yellow shimmer. It was great for the vacation. Too bad the polish didn't survive too long on my nails, though.

Application was good, needed a few layers, but eh.

Sorry for the uninspirational post, really, I don't know what to post!

17 augustus 2010

China Glaze - Laced up

Hell, why not. Another pink.

This is a color I wanted for a while, and I finally got it. It's Laced up. A pretty creme pink. When I first saw it, I thought the color would go flat on my skin, really unflattering, but when I put it on, it shines, sort of. The pretty and cuteness really come out.

It's really one of the cutest pinks I own.

Application wasn't ideal, a liiittle on the thick side. But the color was cute. I'm content.

Really sorry about the crappy pic, I only had my phone with me.

16 augustus 2010

OPI - Kinky in Helsinki

Lesson one in blogging. The first and only lesson I ever learned at school about this. There is nothing more unproffesional than not posting regularly. And I'm doing that now. This weekend was fun, but I HAVE TO POST MORE Dangit.

Anywho. You know when you see a polishname and you have to have it?
I had this with Kinky in Helsinki. I love the name, so fun, so cheeky.

And the color is great too. Here's my swatch:

I love the color, sadly the color isn't accurate, didn't know the camera used. But the color is gorgeous, application was great and drying time was good. Everything I always say about OPI applies here.

Better swatch:

See you soon! <3

11 augustus 2010

OPI - Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous!

So, this is swatch number one of my haul.

I like this color. I don't love it, it's not going on my favorite-spot. But it does look nice. It makes my nails look silver-y. The base is quite dark, but the glitters/shimmers lighten the color up. Is this a foil? I don't know, I'm not a big finishperson. I always confuse everything.

It is a nice color, that's for sure, I have nothing alike in my stash. I think it lights up great in the sun, but it's not too sparkly.

That's it for today! Bye.

10 augustus 2010


Gees, I did buy a lot of polish this week. I put it all together, and I'm here to share it with you.

I'm sorry for the crappy pics, really, it's been crappy weather as well.

Off to the colors I bought! Lots of OPI.
fltr; Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous! - Color so hot it berns - Diva of Geneva - Yodel me on my cell - Color to watch - OPI DS Sapphire - OPI Nail Envy Original

Some Color Club
Worth the Risque - Fashion Addict

I also bought China Glaze. In a store. 1,5 hours away. But it was worth it.
Sass in a Glass -Rain Storm - Melon Rind - Raspberry Festival - Cherry Pie - Laced up
I now have all but one of the Summer Days Summer 2009 collection.

H&M Salsa. I think.

And the most important one. Dumdumdum.
Chanel Paradoxal. I love it even more than I thought. I wore it when the sun didn't shine, that was a little too bad, but. I'll wear it again. And again.

I will swatch more the coming time. <3

9 augustus 2010

I'm sorry

.. For not posting as much as I'd like. I have a lot going on in my life right now.

The biggest thing is that Puk, my cat has been found. Under a tree in my neighbours garden. He died. We don't know the cause, but I'm so sad. Só sad. I don't feel like doing anything. But yeah, that's one of the biggest reasons for not blogging as much.

Also, I've started with a new diet, which comes in harder than I thought. But I'm doing good, but it's making me tired.

New beginnings again, going to post the next week I hope. I got lots of new China Glazes and OPI's and Color Clubs. <3 So, see you soon!

4 augustus 2010

OPI - And this little piggy

I bought this polish for my own birthday. I saw in the store and I thought it looked really cute. It's a pink polish with lots of really small glitters.

I applied it on my hand and I was a little dissapointed at one coat, it made my nails look really yellow underneath. You know? It's really sheer, so you could see my nailline and it looked yellow. But it got better with more coats.

It's really sheer, the picture above is 5 coats, maybe even 6. But I still love it. But it got me thinking, maybe it's great for layering.

Lookatmybrownhands! And sorry for the sloppy application.
Anywho. Left to right, one coat of ATLP over ORLY Lola, one coat of ATLP over H&M Love at first sight, three coats of ATLP over ORLY Lola, three coats of ATLP over H&M Love at first sight.

I love the way it looks over Lola. I might do a full mani with that once.

3 augustus 2010

OPI - Ogre the top blue

I've wanted this color for a while now (I say that a lot D:) But every time I bought polish, I forgot I wanted this one. I bought this of the same online buddy I bought Give me the moon! from. And again, I luv it. Luv, yes, luv.

Everything went great. The application was great, two or three coats were enough and it slided on my nails. It dried pretty quickly. The color. Wow. It's so blue. A beautiful blue, one I've loved forever.

The only downside was that this color was hard to photograph. I had to stand in the shade and make a terrible picture to capture the color the way it is. Well, it's actually a little lighter (It looked right on my camera)

Pf, I need to make a blogpost about a polish that's so-so, this AAAH-MAZING gets tiring.

1 augustus 2010

OPI - Give me the moon

Ha. I finally got my hands on this beauty, thanks to an online nailpal.

I saw it in real life and I had to put it on my nails, so gorgeous. In the bottle it looks gray, maybe a little bluetint in it. And when you hold it in the right light, you get a lavender lilac-ish shimmer. It's gorgeous.
It is a sheer polish, not a big deal for me, could be for you. This is 4 or 5 layers, could have used another one, you could see my nailline. Ahwell! Love it anyways. It applies on really smooth and nicely.

30 juli 2010

Herôme - Shanghai

I'm really sorry for the picture. It looks like my hands are holy, I just need a halo and the picture is done. I used 3 (!!!) different camera's, and the only one capturing the color right, was my telephone.

This is Shanghai. It's a sort of dark pink. I don't know what it is about this color, I like it, but it doesn't seem so summer-y. I never think of summer in colors, I wear black in the summer, vampy dark colors, I don't care, I wear it in the summer, but this. I don't know, I think I'll like it more in the winter. But the color suits me.

The application was great, it was easy to put on. The dryingtime was great as well. Good polish overall, but it just doesn't seem a summer type of color. And I never say that with pinks ;(

29 juli 2010

Holographic topcoat by China Glaze and Frodo!

The other day I bought the Holographic topcoat by China Glaze. I put it over Dust & Diamonds of H&M, the one I had on yesterday, and I loved the result. It makes the polish look really holographic. Which was a surprise to me, you can;t see anything in the bottle to be fairly honest.

Haha, it's funny, I thought of this earlier and after that someone else pointed it out to me, about 4 months ago I said holo's didn't do anything for me. I had TMI by China glaze. I loved it the first time, the second time not so much anymore, and the third time I used it in a swap. Didn't like it anymore. Then I bought Holographic by Gosh, and that didn't do anything for me either, the holo dulled out after a day and I thought it was me. No more holo's for me.

But I fell in love with them again (I want a Nfuh Oh holo <3). And this topcoat can make anything a holo polish.


28 juli 2010

H&M - Dust & Diamonds

Sorry for not posting! First, I went on a holiday (And didn't mention it, internetparanoia, you never know who reads it), then when I came home, we got a puppy (I will post pics soon), and then I celebrated my birthday. Finally, a day of rest!

I went to the H&M the other day, and I saw they had new polishes. This taupe and yellow, and some other colors. I decided to go for the taupe one. Couldn't buy it myself, sadly enough, so it's a gift.

Today I decided to put it on my nails. I have a weakness for taupes. At first, I thought taupes were yucky and ugly and beh (Sorry if I insult you by saying this). But then I put one taupe on my nails for the first time and I fell in love. It's such a flattering color. Almost all taupes look good on me.

The application was good, this is two coats. It dried quickly. As you see, the color in the bottle is slightly lighter than the color on my nails. This is how it also looks in real life, I think it's about two shades darker. I like it.

What do you think?

12 juli 2010

OPI - Teal the cows come home

I loved this color from the start. Because of the name. I'm a sucker for funny names. I have no idea what the name originally is from. I don't care, the name says cows.

This color is so good for me. I love blue, I love shimmers, I love cute colors. To me, this is all of that. Meh, can;t find anything wrong with it, it's a little sheer, but I don't mind sheer. The formula was good. Meh, love.

I love this image of this cow. So here for you: This is a cow.

11 juli 2010

OPI - Chick Flick Cherry

Ahh. Summer. And still wearing non-summer colors. Love it.

As you might know, I love red. Red dresses, red nails, red blog. Ah, red. So, I knew I would love this polish. The photo isn't that color accurate. It's more pink. It really looks like an actual cherry. It's as deep as it looks on my nails, but a little pinker, yes.

I love it, not quite sure if it's a creme or a jelly, but I can live with that. I think this would be a great christmascolor. With a little Fairy Dust over it, ah. Love.

The application was okay, but I think that was mostly because my fan is going like crazy. Oh, and please don't mind the shitty look of the polish, I accidentally sat on my hand while the polish was not dry yet.

10 juli 2010

Yuuuck and superpowers.

I guess my blogposts are being read, because NailXL read my post about my goal for the summer, and offered to send me a little help. In the form of anti bite nailstuff.

I have experience with this stuff. Like bite-ex. I hated that. Bite-ex, I think, is fairly low-budget. But that's noticeable. I didn't bite my nails anymore, but I didn't eat anymore either. Why, you ask? That formula, at least, in the 90's, had the awesome ability to give taste to everything you touch. I think that's some kind of superpower. Bite-ex gives you superpower. It makes your food taste terrible. And it washed off with water.

I've tried Herôme's anti-bite stuff too, but as I recall, it dried up really fast and I wasn't able to use it anymore. Ahwell. I stopped biting my nails on willpower, not nasty stuff.

Sooo I tried this stuff. Golden Rose No more bite. The packaging (Shoot, I forgot to photograph it. I still have it though) looked really good, pretty luxorious. The Golden Rose bottle has a pink substance in it. It looks really sweet.

The application was great, just smeared up on there. I don't know about the drying time, didn't mind it.

How about the taste you ask?
Yuck. Just. Yuck. No. No. I don't want to bite my skin or peel my polish off anymore. Yuck, it was gross. Which is excactly the meaning, of course. I don't think the taste comes off with water, at least not a hand wash. My food still tasted great. So in my book, this is great anti-bite stuff.

Bottom line, Golden Rose - No more bite is better, but Bite-ex gives you superpowers.

Visit NailXL

Oh, and my cat loved the stuff.