2 september 2010

Models own - Top Turquois

I wore this polish a few days ago and made swatches after. This is a great Models Own polish, the color is really stunning and I think it's quite unique.

It's turquoise, as you can see. Or is it teal? Actually, I think it's inbetween, if Google is to be trusted. It applied okay, a little on the thick side (That's why it's all over my hands), and it didn't dry thát great. But the color really makes it up to me.

Here it is with a layer of Gosh Rainbow:

I have a question for my bloggers. I tried cleaning up my nails with a brush, like the tutorial on Lacquerized. But it just doesn't work on me. What could be it? That I don't have pure acetone? Or not the right brush? What brushes do you use to do this?

Thank you!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I clean up with pure acetone and an artist's brush I got at a craft store (it says it's a #4 Filbert on the handle, though I have no idea what that means exactly). Mostly, though, I've been practicing trying to paint neater in the first place so I don't have so much clean up to do. I used to make a huge mess but am getting better and better.

  2. Oh, but I am getting better and better. But sometimes it just gets on my cuticles anyways. I hate that. I'm just too clumsy, or I get scared and just paint all over my hands. ;(

    Anywho, I bought pure acetone and I'll try! Thanks

  3. Some polishes just seem to want to run onto the cuticles all on their own, I think, so not sure what to do about those (other than cleanup!).