30 juni 2010

My summerproject.

As some of you might know, I'm a heavy biter. 9 months ago, I bit my nails until they bled, and I stopped because I started painting my nails. My nails look lovely now and are rather strong.

But, I still bite the skin around my cuticles and stuff. It already looks nasty irl, and it looks worse on my macropictures. (I airbrush my pictures D: ) My fingertips look red. I don't bite it as much as I used to, it doesn't bleed anymore, but I really need to stop.

So, this is my summer project. Stop biting my skin. I will take pics tonight and by the end of the summer, I will post a before and after, and hopefully my skin will become more calm and healthy. I'm going to use lots and lots of Flutter and Hand creme. If any of you have more tips on how to do this, every tip is welcome!

And woohoo, 30 followers. Welcome all.

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