18 januari 2011

Last friday night by OPI.

With this message, I'm out of here. I'll be moving my blog to a wordpressblog as soon as I can, and as soon as I find the time to. I'll let you know when this happens!

I'm thinking about a blog where I can review very quickly. For me, but also for the readers. But this takes a while to prepare, to think of a name and to find a webdomain. I'll get there!

Crackle topcoat is from P2, so not the OPI Black Shatter.

18 oktober 2010

Essence & Models own.

Recently I bought Essence - Glisten up. I saw some swatches online of it on its own, but I didn't like it much, but after I saw it layered over some more darker colors, and I was sold. It's a polish that's pretty sheer on its own, a sheer blue with blue-ish green flakes, shimmers and glitter. = Succes for pure awesomeness.

I layered it over Models own - Pure Purple. Love. Love love love. Close-ups next to the text!

17 oktober 2010

MAC - Bad Fairy

Setting up a few blogposts before I go on vacation tomorrow.

This is Bad Fairy, my first MACpolish ever. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. For 12 euro I expected a little more from it. I love the color, more about that later, but ugh, the application was not all that great, and the brush was of a bad quality. It's a shame.


But the color on the other hand! It's mainly a pink I think, it has copper, gold, mauve maybe? A lot of colors! This asks for more pics.

16 oktober 2010

Favorite polishes of the moment

Hello again.

It's been a while, I know. But hopefully I'll be here more now. Going to Germany soon, planning on spending polishmoney, so all will be fine.

I want to make a post on my favorite polishes of the moment. Why? I don't know, just for fun. Maybe to give you all some ideas. And I just want to share. They're at random order, can't pick firsts or lasts. The colors are totally random. As you can see from the colorchartthing above. Enjoy! <3

1) Essie - Sew Psyched
I saw swatches online, and I was sold. I'm not a big greenfan, but this one somehow sparked my interest. I don't know why. I recently bought it, and I'm in love. It's charming on my skin and it looks like a creme, even though there's silver shimmers in there. Somewhere. You have to look very closely. Swatches soon.

2) Zoya - Kelly
I love grey. Love love love it. Almost every outfit I wear has some sort of grey in there. That's why Kelly's a natural choice for me. And it's a very fall-y and winter-y color.

3) Chanel Paradoxal
Does this need explaining? Great color, great application, great color, great concept. Way to go Chanel.

4) OPI - Fiercely Fiona
Weird yellow that looks great on my skin, what more is there to say! I also love pastels, they look so cute.

5) Essie - Mink Muffs
I always screamed out that brown looks awful on me. It still does, but not on my nails I guess. I tend to look sick with a brown shirt or so. But on my nails, ah. Mink muffs is a perfect taupe/brown, in my opinion.

6) Essie - Lapis of Luxury
Can't describe the color, I just know I love it só much. Is this blurple? I don't know.

7) OPI - Flower to Flower
Pink. Barbie pink. But I don't like barbie, so just pink. I love it, the shimmer is great also.

8) OPI - Suzy says Feng Shui
The perfect shade of blue. I think it's perfect for fall. This was a spring-collection polish right? I think it would be better for fall, but that's just me. Still greaaat.

9) Nubar - Indigo Illusion
Did I post this here yet? I should. I love this duochrome, or multichrome, not sure. I love every color in it, and the shimmer. Yum.

10) Color Club - Revvvolution
Holo! I used to say holo's are not for me. I guess I changed my mind! In combination with grey/black, I love it the most. I'm taking it with me on vacation next week. <3

That's it for now, I'll be posting swatches soon! Just have to edit the photo's.
See you soon(er than before D:)!