29 augustus 2010

OPI - Rumple's Wiggin'


Today I'm showing you Rumple's Wiggin'. I've wanted this polish for a while now, and it was my last polish I needed for the Shrek collection, so I bought it in the store (Wallet says auch!), but it was worth it.

It's a pretty, really light lavender shade. I really like it, even though pastels and purples don't always work on my skin. I think this one did. I don't own a polish like it, so this is a good one.

Application was great, dryingtime was great as well. Just everything I'm used to with OPI. It only didn't dry as glossy as I like my polishes, but a good topcoat helps that.

On another note. I was going so great with not purchasing polishes this month. But today I felt so crappy, school's starting tomorrow and I thought of Puk today. So I went to La Bourse. Just to watch, they never have lots of polishes, and F me, today they did. Lots of Essies. I bought Mink Muffs and Lapis of Luxury. Swatches later on!

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  1. deze is als het goed is naar mij onderweg vanaf transdesign! zooo geweldig!