24 februari 2010

Lacquerized Giveaway.

I decided to join to. I have no idea how to copy a post, I hope a link-ref will do to. Become a follower. Seriously. D:

23 februari 2010

First post.

Hello everyone, welcome to Other kind of brush.
Why this weird name? Well. I'm sort of an artist (It's too big a title to call myself that, let's just say, I love to draw), where you use brushes in photoshop to draw, or while painting to make. Well, a painting. Now I'm making a blog for an other kind of brush, the nailpolishbrush. There you have it!

I usually don't work with blogspot, but since everyone else with nailpolishblogs are using Blogspot. I will too, makes it a little easier. Right?

So, I will be posting my nails here. And maybe more, I don't know, I love to blog about stupid, useless stuff. Forgive me!

Sooo yesterday I hurt my finger. I cut myself with my umbrella (As soon as you get to know me, you'll see this is typical Ren). And it didn't hurt or bother me, so I didn't use a bandaid. I'm a big girl, big girls don't do bandaids.
So this morning my bed was a little bloody. I ignored it. And then I went out to do some groceryshopping, and yeah. The cut started bleeding again. We didn;t have any bandaids in the house, figures, so I just went to the grocerystore and wanted to get some bandaids. They only had the kind you have to cut to the right size, crazy as I am, I don't have scizzors with me all the time. So I had to get kiddybandaids. I feel so badass right now.
Here's a pic:

Oh, and the polish is Mad as a Hatter, by OPI. I love it. <3