31 maart 2010

Holo polishes

I'm starting to believe that I'm the only one who isn't that big of a fan of Holographic polishes. I don't know why, they always seem blend on my skin, and there is so much going on. No, I like my polishes in a nice and bright color, without holo.
If I do wear a holo, I always wear a topcoat, which seems to be a deadly sin when it comes to wearing holo's, but if I don't, I really don't like them on me.

I own a few holo polishes, H&M SInful Senorita. I really didn't like it on my, it made the polish really blend with my skin. And my skin seemed really red. Guh. So I gave that one to my mom.
It's the pink one on the left.

I also have China Glaze TMI. I thought it looked really nice on me, really eyecatching (With a topcoat). But then I started wearing more popping colors, and now it seems really blend, once again. Gees, what is this with me ;( It's the one on the right.

Sooo. I guess I'll have to stick with brighter colors, to make myself happy. And my mom, she hates the fact I keep changing my polish.

Well, other stuff now. I'm getting my sticky topcoat soon *happy panda*. Hopefully, my polish will stay on my nails longer, because this crap with polish I have to replace everyday gets old. This way, I get to wear my favorite polishes longer <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b338/Aetza/Nagels/blueuniversecolor.jpg">that color, but it peels off after 2 minutes.

AND it's almost the 14th, meaning, I get my money, meaning, I can buy another KoHpolish (You might heared of this brand, the overpriced Dutch polish, but I love the colors so much). I promised myself I could buy one every month. Because of the price.
I bought my first last month. Blue universe (Left and bottom pic). And I love it. It's a deep, dark, blue-purple color with a green undertone, with silver glitter and flakes. (Please don't mind the bright orange cuticle on the picture, I just removed bright pink polish, but my hands are still totally pink/orange-y. Very annoying and unflattering on photo)

*Gees, every time I typed Holo's, I typed Homo's. Wtfisdisshit*

14 maart 2010

New online store, and fav polish.

So, one of my fellow forumposters just opened her own nailpolish webshop. She has really interesting prices, so go check it out!
Beware, it's in Dutch!


I also need to tell you about one of the most favorite polishes I own.
OPI Koala bear-y. It's pink. And it's so wonderful. I Don't know why, it just looks charming with my skin. I think it has to be that.

I love it. I don't own it that long, but every time I want to polish my nails again, I want to grab that one. But then again, it seems that OPI is my most favorite brand of polish. Most people I know looove China Glaze to death, but it's just not it for me. I don't have a lot of OPI (Another order is on it's way, hellzyeah), but every bottle I own, I fell in love with.

Also, today, I think I found a new love.
It's expensive, 15 euro's per bottle. But today I decided to spoil myself. I promised myself I could do that once a month, buy one bottle and spoil myself.

I will post pictures tomorrow, I hope you'll like the color as much as I do. I won't tell too much about it now, I'll suprise you.

Have a nice day!

This was the most weird, inconsistent blogpost I've ever made.

5 maart 2010

I can't. I shouldn't.

I realllly want to order some polish online. Problem is, I'm going to London in 2/3 weeks, it's not so smart to spend all my moneys on polish, and go to London empty-handed.
I really want to order.

I have another problem, I only seem to want pink/red polishes, probably because I really can't find any polishes that are as great.

Sooo, I was wondering, dear followers. Do you have tips on polish? Please, keep it non-suede, non-pink and non-red. And non-nude. Please. That would help a lot.

Also, do you have nice stores in London where they sell (preferably cheap) nail polish?


I'll post pics again soon <3