17 september 2010

China Glaze - Riveter Rouge and new camera!

It's been a while again. Poop. I was just so busy.
Good news, I got a better camera! A canon eos 1000D. And I'm so happy! It photographs like the best. Well, probably not the best, but the best I've ever had! That's why I put Frodo in the top picture. He's nothing to do with the polish, but I liked the picture.

On to the more exciting stuff for you.

I got this polish a while ago, it was one of the three Vixens I wanted. It really got my interest. I love the color, a deep dark red, with a little hint of brown. It has silver and gold glitter. People call it realllly chunky glitter, but I just put one coat of topcoat on there, David, and I didn't notice any chunkyness. It was smooth and I thought it was just gorgeous.

And it just lit up in the sun! Sadly, the only ray of sun I got was on my way to school, and I didn't bring my camera. Poo >:
Here's another picture for you!

6 september 2010

OPI - Flower to flower

Hello everyone! It's been a little while again. Gah. I pimped my room. Blingbling style.
Not really, I just moved my bed, closets and TV. And it looks great. My room looks even more spacious. But my polishes are hidden in my helmer now, I can't use my mongolian hangthing anymore for a while. >:

Anywho, I finally got it! Flower to flower! The polish I've wanted ever since I saw the swatches, but as soon s I wanted to order it, it was n/a. And in Holland they don't sell it. Gah, FML.

It's a gorgeous pink with a subtle shimmer. A silver shimmer. Application was good once again. Yes, good polish. Good pink, not just the regular stuff. Worth the wait!

2 september 2010

Models own - Top Turquois

I wore this polish a few days ago and made swatches after. This is a great Models Own polish, the color is really stunning and I think it's quite unique.

It's turquoise, as you can see. Or is it teal? Actually, I think it's inbetween, if Google is to be trusted. It applied okay, a little on the thick side (That's why it's all over my hands), and it didn't dry thát great. But the color really makes it up to me.

Here it is with a layer of Gosh Rainbow:

I have a question for my bloggers. I tried cleaning up my nails with a brush, like the tutorial on Lacquerized. But it just doesn't work on me. What could be it? That I don't have pure acetone? Or not the right brush? What brushes do you use to do this?

Thank you!

1 september 2010

Catrice - Meet me at Coral Island

I've had this color for a while now, and I still had to use it. It looks kind of orange, but not orange enough for me to hate it.

I hardly ever use Catrices, I really don't know why. I grab my OPI's a lot more often. But Catrice has a great quality for the amount of money you pay for them. They cost 2,49, and it's actually not a small bottle of polish.

Anywho. I loved it. Then I put Gosh Rainbow over it. Then I hated it.

Have a nice day!