10 augustus 2010


Gees, I did buy a lot of polish this week. I put it all together, and I'm here to share it with you.

I'm sorry for the crappy pics, really, it's been crappy weather as well.

Off to the colors I bought! Lots of OPI.
fltr; Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous! - Color so hot it berns - Diva of Geneva - Yodel me on my cell - Color to watch - OPI DS Sapphire - OPI Nail Envy Original

Some Color Club
Worth the Risque - Fashion Addict

I also bought China Glaze. In a store. 1,5 hours away. But it was worth it.
Sass in a Glass -Rain Storm - Melon Rind - Raspberry Festival - Cherry Pie - Laced up
I now have all but one of the Summer Days Summer 2009 collection.

H&M Salsa. I think.

And the most important one. Dumdumdum.
Chanel Paradoxal. I love it even more than I thought. I wore it when the sun didn't shine, that was a little too bad, but. I'll wear it again. And again.

I will swatch more the coming time. <3

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Zomg. Wtf. Did you buy all these polishes instore? As in, 13,95 per OPI nailpolish?

    If so, you must be fucking crazy. No wait. You are.

  2. Dat weer bij jou OMG! Hier is het gewoon helder, lichtelijk zonnig te noemen.
    Maare mooie verzameling zo bij elkaar!
    Ik ben erg beniewd naar het Chanel lakje, hoor er veel verhalen over en heb al enkele swatches gezien maar ben nog niet overtuigd ervan...Misschien dat jij me kan overtuigen :P

  3. Stiekem was het gister! Als in. Dinsdag. :P Op de wacht gezet. Ik zal swatches maken binnenkort van Paradoxal <33 ALS het weer meezit