29 juli 2010

Holographic topcoat by China Glaze and Frodo!

The other day I bought the Holographic topcoat by China Glaze. I put it over Dust & Diamonds of H&M, the one I had on yesterday, and I loved the result. It makes the polish look really holographic. Which was a surprise to me, you can;t see anything in the bottle to be fairly honest.

Haha, it's funny, I thought of this earlier and after that someone else pointed it out to me, about 4 months ago I said holo's didn't do anything for me. I had TMI by China glaze. I loved it the first time, the second time not so much anymore, and the third time I used it in a swap. Didn't like it anymore. Then I bought Holographic by Gosh, and that didn't do anything for me either, the holo dulled out after a day and I thought it was me. No more holo's for me.

But I fell in love with them again (I want a Nfuh Oh holo <3). And this topcoat can make anything a holo polish.


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