30 juli 2010

Herôme - Shanghai

I'm really sorry for the picture. It looks like my hands are holy, I just need a halo and the picture is done. I used 3 (!!!) different camera's, and the only one capturing the color right, was my telephone.

This is Shanghai. It's a sort of dark pink. I don't know what it is about this color, I like it, but it doesn't seem so summer-y. I never think of summer in colors, I wear black in the summer, vampy dark colors, I don't care, I wear it in the summer, but this. I don't know, I think I'll like it more in the winter. But the color suits me.

The application was great, it was easy to put on. The dryingtime was great as well. Good polish overall, but it just doesn't seem a summer type of color. And I never say that with pinks ;(

29 juli 2010

Holographic topcoat by China Glaze and Frodo!

The other day I bought the Holographic topcoat by China Glaze. I put it over Dust & Diamonds of H&M, the one I had on yesterday, and I loved the result. It makes the polish look really holographic. Which was a surprise to me, you can;t see anything in the bottle to be fairly honest.

Haha, it's funny, I thought of this earlier and after that someone else pointed it out to me, about 4 months ago I said holo's didn't do anything for me. I had TMI by China glaze. I loved it the first time, the second time not so much anymore, and the third time I used it in a swap. Didn't like it anymore. Then I bought Holographic by Gosh, and that didn't do anything for me either, the holo dulled out after a day and I thought it was me. No more holo's for me.

But I fell in love with them again (I want a Nfuh Oh holo <3). And this topcoat can make anything a holo polish.


28 juli 2010

H&M - Dust & Diamonds

Sorry for not posting! First, I went on a holiday (And didn't mention it, internetparanoia, you never know who reads it), then when I came home, we got a puppy (I will post pics soon), and then I celebrated my birthday. Finally, a day of rest!

I went to the H&M the other day, and I saw they had new polishes. This taupe and yellow, and some other colors. I decided to go for the taupe one. Couldn't buy it myself, sadly enough, so it's a gift.

Today I decided to put it on my nails. I have a weakness for taupes. At first, I thought taupes were yucky and ugly and beh (Sorry if I insult you by saying this). But then I put one taupe on my nails for the first time and I fell in love. It's such a flattering color. Almost all taupes look good on me.

The application was good, this is two coats. It dried quickly. As you see, the color in the bottle is slightly lighter than the color on my nails. This is how it also looks in real life, I think it's about two shades darker. I like it.

What do you think?

12 juli 2010

OPI - Teal the cows come home

I loved this color from the start. Because of the name. I'm a sucker for funny names. I have no idea what the name originally is from. I don't care, the name says cows.

This color is so good for me. I love blue, I love shimmers, I love cute colors. To me, this is all of that. Meh, can;t find anything wrong with it, it's a little sheer, but I don't mind sheer. The formula was good. Meh, love.

I love this image of this cow. So here for you: This is a cow.

11 juli 2010

OPI - Chick Flick Cherry

Ahh. Summer. And still wearing non-summer colors. Love it.

As you might know, I love red. Red dresses, red nails, red blog. Ah, red. So, I knew I would love this polish. The photo isn't that color accurate. It's more pink. It really looks like an actual cherry. It's as deep as it looks on my nails, but a little pinker, yes.

I love it, not quite sure if it's a creme or a jelly, but I can live with that. I think this would be a great christmascolor. With a little Fairy Dust over it, ah. Love.

The application was okay, but I think that was mostly because my fan is going like crazy. Oh, and please don't mind the shitty look of the polish, I accidentally sat on my hand while the polish was not dry yet.

10 juli 2010

Yuuuck and superpowers.

I guess my blogposts are being read, because NailXL read my post about my goal for the summer, and offered to send me a little help. In the form of anti bite nailstuff.

I have experience with this stuff. Like bite-ex. I hated that. Bite-ex, I think, is fairly low-budget. But that's noticeable. I didn't bite my nails anymore, but I didn't eat anymore either. Why, you ask? That formula, at least, in the 90's, had the awesome ability to give taste to everything you touch. I think that's some kind of superpower. Bite-ex gives you superpower. It makes your food taste terrible. And it washed off with water.

I've tried Herôme's anti-bite stuff too, but as I recall, it dried up really fast and I wasn't able to use it anymore. Ahwell. I stopped biting my nails on willpower, not nasty stuff.

Sooo I tried this stuff. Golden Rose No more bite. The packaging (Shoot, I forgot to photograph it. I still have it though) looked really good, pretty luxorious. The Golden Rose bottle has a pink substance in it. It looks really sweet.

The application was great, just smeared up on there. I don't know about the drying time, didn't mind it.

How about the taste you ask?
Yuck. Just. Yuck. No. No. I don't want to bite my skin or peel my polish off anymore. Yuck, it was gross. Which is excactly the meaning, of course. I don't think the taste comes off with water, at least not a hand wash. My food still tasted great. So in my book, this is great anti-bite stuff.

Bottom line, Golden Rose - No more bite is better, but Bite-ex gives you superpowers.

Visit NailXL

Oh, and my cat loved the stuff.

9 juli 2010


So, I got my new polishes the other day, and I was so excited! Yay for OPI, my favorite brand.

I was most interested in 3 colors, OPI Ink was one of them. It looked so interesting in the bottle, purple fading out to blue, really dark but really shiny. Not really a summer-y color, but I never think about that. Or matching, as you can see in the pic (Haha, bright dress).

Anywho! The color was really, really interesting. In the shade, the color was purple with shimmer, and in the sunlight it really looked like ink, deep blue. But in the sun, the purple was completely gone, that really surprised me. Is this what blurple is?

You can see the purple vs blue really well on the left picture. The top two nails are more purple, and the bottom two are more blue. A very interesting color, I'll try it out more when it gets colder.

8 juli 2010

Eyeko - Tea rose

Goodday everyone!

I was gone throughout the weekend (I was so glad Blogspot has the option to make your posts and you just enter the day you want to post the blog), and on monday I got home. On tuesday, my mom left a note with two envelopes, saying, surprise!

One was from NailXL, more about that in the near future, the other one was from Eyeko.

I've been watching Eyeko for a long time, for the polish, ofcourse (I don't do any other makeup). And I decided just to buy a set. I really wanted to try Tea Rose, it looked so unusual.

Let me start with the color. It is gorgeous in sunlight or just in the shade. It looks gross in yellow light though, but we only have that in the toilet here. It is a really soft color. What do you call it? Old pink? I don't know, but it seems to look like taupe colors look on my skin, really soft and flattering.

On the downside, the polish was really goopy. It applied smooth, but it really didn't work that well. Nothing that thinner can't fix though, and with a little topcoat, you can't see any flaws. Oh, and I did thick coats (goopy yay), but it was a one-coater. That's a good thing I guess!

Use the Ambassador-code on the right with your Eyeko order, to receive a small gift with your order over €15.

7 juli 2010

Aaah, I had a haul 2 weeks ago, I think. I had to buy stuff for others and I had to buy some things for myself as well.

Among other polishes, I bought this one. Pink kitty. A pretty, cute, creme pink. I loved the bottle and the pink as well, I have lots of pinks, but none like this one.

The application was good. I think it needed two coats, I did three anyways. Just to finish it. I didn't do a top coat, partly because I wanted to shower and Seche Vite does something weird then, and partly because the polish is so shiny on its own, it doesn't need topcoat.

It didn't dry so well, but I don't know if that's because of the polish or if it was because of the weather, it's really damp. I hear more girls complain about polish not drying in this weather, more than in wintertime.

Overall I love this polish, cute pink, it looks flattering on my skintone. I think the color is a little more deep than the photo's might show, but my camera is being weird the last few weeks.

Downside was that the polish peeled off like one of those peel off masks. But again, it might be because it didn't dry well because of the weather.

6 juli 2010

Zoya Adina

Hello everyone.

A few days ago I wore Zoya - Adina. I got it from my most recent internetorder, and I love it. On the pictures I thought it was gorgeous already, but as it seems, the color online isn't that accurate. Not that I do it any better, it's really a hard color to capture.

This gorgeous color seems to have a lilac/purple base (At least, I think so, it looks like that on the back of my nails, I just see lilac there). And in the shade, it's really duochrome. When you look at it, you just see green, and when you turn your nails you see purple/copper. Beautiful.

In the sun it kind of transforms, it really is purple/lilac in the sun, with light green shimmer. No duochrome, really just shimmer. This was a nice surprise.

Herea re some pictures where I've tried to capture the duochrome, but that is reaaally hard to do.

Overall I love this polish. It's really pretty and not a very bright color. It's a little sheer, but I think it's good enough at three coats, though some people might want a fourth. It's not nearly as sheer as ORLY - Fantasea. And I really do think you have to see this polish in real life to see its full potential, it's more gorgeous than all pictures I've seen online.

The polish stays on my nails for a rather long time, it doesn't peel of that easily. Which is a great thing. Love it.

5 juli 2010


Hello everyone!

As I told before, I found this cute store with China Glaze polishes nearby.
I wanted this polish from the Wizard of Oh Ahz from China Glaze for a long time. And they had it, it made me so happy.

I decided to wear it a few days ago. I loved it, it's not the warmest or deepest purple ever, it seems to lean a little more to blue than it does to red, but that doesn't matter. It has really small glitters in it, I couldn't stop looking! Mind you, the polish is more the color my skirt is on the top right, next to my nail. My camera flips out about purple.

And I had a matching skirt. Ha. Which is rare. I'm known for not matching. Ever. At all.

4 juli 2010

OPI Gar. Gar. Gah. Green matte and CND Effects.

I hate this name. OPI. Gargantuan Green Grape Matte with CND Jade Sparkle over it.
I don't really like OPI GGG Matte on its own, I like the regular version a lot better, it's lighter. So I decided to add the CND Jade Sparkle, which I wanted to try ever since I got it.

The effect, to me, is stunning. It adds green and yellow sparkles to the polish. I think these are glass flecks, not sure though, but the finish is really smooth and easy to remove from your nails, no real glitter or anything.

In the shadow it's almost as stunning as it is in the sunlight, you don't see lots of green sparkles, but lots of yellow.
Stunning. Just. Stunning.

Look at it! *Drools*

3 juli 2010

Kaleidoscope him out

I found this store nearby my school that's been there for a while, but I never went in. Not before someone said they sold China Glaze. So I raced over there, and I discovered that they have loooots of amazing polishes. Some HTF too. They have two way stripers, China Glaze, Goldenrose and much more.

I saw they had some polishes from the Kaleidoscope collection from China Glaze, I wasn't interested at first, and I told DeltaCephei that I saw these at the store, knowing how much she wanted them, and bought one for myself as well.

I had some China Glazes from the OMGcollection, but those are not nearly as holo as the ones from the Kaleidoscope collection. Also, the holoparticles don't seem to be as small as they are in OMG, and the holo effect is much bigger.

By the way, I really do think the polish looks like a kaleidoscope on your fingers.

Great purchase, thanks Delta!

2 juli 2010

China Glaze - QT

This is China Glaze - QT. It's a holo polish. In the shade, to me, it looks a little bit purpleish pink, and in the sun it's just a holo pink. I love it. I seem to be more into the bright holo's. The ones that stand out. This one is no exception.

In the picture, it does not look thát holo, but trust me, it is.

Me and our soontobe-housemate, Frodo. With the QT polish.

1 juli 2010

OPI - Fiercely Fiona

I got Fiercely Fiona with my new package. And I loved it. I had doubts even just before I got the package about the color. On some swatches, it's really green, and on others it's pretty and yellow. I didn't like it on the green-ish swatches, so I had to wait and see.

So I put it on my nails, and I instantly loved it. It's a pretty yellow, really hard to describe. In some yellow lights, it does look a bit green, but I can live with that.

I think the color is right between being pastel and real yellow. It's really unique. And I love it. Yet another color that has to be a new fave.