30 juni 2010

My summerproject.

As some of you might know, I'm a heavy biter. 9 months ago, I bit my nails until they bled, and I stopped because I started painting my nails. My nails look lovely now and are rather strong.

But, I still bite the skin around my cuticles and stuff. It already looks nasty irl, and it looks worse on my macropictures. (I airbrush my pictures D: ) My fingertips look red. I don't bite it as much as I used to, it doesn't bleed anymore, but I really need to stop.

So, this is my summer project. Stop biting my skin. I will take pics tonight and by the end of the summer, I will post a before and after, and hopefully my skin will become more calm and healthy. I'm going to use lots and lots of Flutter and Hand creme. If any of you have more tips on how to do this, every tip is welcome!

And woohoo, 30 followers. Welcome all.

29 juni 2010

ORLY - Lola

This was one of the first polishes I have bought since my 'polish madness' started, and I never used it. It was too pink and too bright and too much not me. That idea mostly creeped into my head because my fingers are so red (Too much trauma for my fingers throughout the years and I just stopped biting my nails). I tried to swap it for better stuff, but I never really did.

Sooo I decided to try it on anyways. And I love it. It's one of the most shiny polishes I have ever tried.

The color of the picture isn't really accurate, my camera and stuff. *Curses on camera*. Makes this color more orange-y than it really is.

This is more like it (Not my hand, and I have no idea whose it is, if you know or are this person, please tell me, I'll credit you right away!)

Puk >:

Sorry, this entry is in Dutch, it concerns my cat being lost.

Mijn Puk is kwijt, mijn lieve kat die altijd erbij kwam zitten als ik nagels ging lakken of ging chatten of wat dan ook.

Puk is een slanke kater van rond de 5 jaar. Het is een cyperse kat met een roze neusje. Hij is helaas erg bang en zal schrikken als je hem benadert. Hij krabt of bijt nooit. Zijn ogen zijn altijd best groot.
Hij is vermist in Rotterdam centrum/west.
Weet je iets? Laat asjeblieft een comment achter. Dankjewel <3>

28 juni 2010

Jade is the new black

So. I will repost this with better pictures, no worries there. I just really want to blog about this polish I have wanted for aaages. And then someone bought it for me <3
I was not amused, since he paid the full retail price for it (14 euros). But I LOVE IT.

I love this color. It is more green than I thought, but I love it. It's a deep green creme, but also a bit. Dusty is the word I think. It is certainly one of my new faves.

21 juni 2010

Wing it! by OPI


Today I'll be showing you one of my two new favorite polishes.
Wing it!

A week ago I received a package with new polish. I didn't get to see all of them, I made a deal at home that I wouldn't order before I finished school, I did, so I sent them out on a sleepover elsewhere. A long sleepover. 2 week long sleepover.
I didn;t get to see any of them.
Sooo, I made a deal with my mom that I would get one. That one was Wing it!.
I saw it and I fell in love. It's such an unusual color. In some lights it's pink, and in some it's red. And in other lights it's orang-y. I love it. It has blue/purple shimmer, which is totally unique in my opinion. I never saw it elsewhere.

Here you see the shimmer very well, you can also see how pretty and pink it is, and how much it looks like a duochrome in the bottle (See the orange towards the sides)

Orange-y red.

Pink with the shimmer.

It's a perfect polish <3