10 juli 2010

Yuuuck and superpowers.

I guess my blogposts are being read, because NailXL read my post about my goal for the summer, and offered to send me a little help. In the form of anti bite nailstuff.

I have experience with this stuff. Like bite-ex. I hated that. Bite-ex, I think, is fairly low-budget. But that's noticeable. I didn't bite my nails anymore, but I didn't eat anymore either. Why, you ask? That formula, at least, in the 90's, had the awesome ability to give taste to everything you touch. I think that's some kind of superpower. Bite-ex gives you superpower. It makes your food taste terrible. And it washed off with water.

I've tried Herôme's anti-bite stuff too, but as I recall, it dried up really fast and I wasn't able to use it anymore. Ahwell. I stopped biting my nails on willpower, not nasty stuff.

Sooo I tried this stuff. Golden Rose No more bite. The packaging (Shoot, I forgot to photograph it. I still have it though) looked really good, pretty luxorious. The Golden Rose bottle has a pink substance in it. It looks really sweet.

The application was great, just smeared up on there. I don't know about the drying time, didn't mind it.

How about the taste you ask?
Yuck. Just. Yuck. No. No. I don't want to bite my skin or peel my polish off anymore. Yuck, it was gross. Which is excactly the meaning, of course. I don't think the taste comes off with water, at least not a hand wash. My food still tasted great. So in my book, this is great anti-bite stuff.

Bottom line, Golden Rose - No more bite is better, but Bite-ex gives you superpowers.

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Oh, and my cat loved the stuff.

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