9 juli 2010


So, I got my new polishes the other day, and I was so excited! Yay for OPI, my favorite brand.

I was most interested in 3 colors, OPI Ink was one of them. It looked so interesting in the bottle, purple fading out to blue, really dark but really shiny. Not really a summer-y color, but I never think about that. Or matching, as you can see in the pic (Haha, bright dress).

Anywho! The color was really, really interesting. In the shade, the color was purple with shimmer, and in the sunlight it really looked like ink, deep blue. But in the sun, the purple was completely gone, that really surprised me. Is this what blurple is?

You can see the purple vs blue really well on the left picture. The top two nails are more purple, and the bottom two are more blue. A very interesting color, I'll try it out more when it gets colder.

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