8 juli 2010

Eyeko - Tea rose

Goodday everyone!

I was gone throughout the weekend (I was so glad Blogspot has the option to make your posts and you just enter the day you want to post the blog), and on monday I got home. On tuesday, my mom left a note with two envelopes, saying, surprise!

One was from NailXL, more about that in the near future, the other one was from Eyeko.

I've been watching Eyeko for a long time, for the polish, ofcourse (I don't do any other makeup). And I decided just to buy a set. I really wanted to try Tea Rose, it looked so unusual.

Let me start with the color. It is gorgeous in sunlight or just in the shade. It looks gross in yellow light though, but we only have that in the toilet here. It is a really soft color. What do you call it? Old pink? I don't know, but it seems to look like taupe colors look on my skin, really soft and flattering.

On the downside, the polish was really goopy. It applied smooth, but it really didn't work that well. Nothing that thinner can't fix though, and with a little topcoat, you can't see any flaws. Oh, and I did thick coats (goopy yay), but it was a one-coater. That's a good thing I guess!

Use the Ambassador-code on the right with your Eyeko order, to receive a small gift with your order over €15.

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