21 juni 2010

Wing it! by OPI


Today I'll be showing you one of my two new favorite polishes.
Wing it!

A week ago I received a package with new polish. I didn't get to see all of them, I made a deal at home that I wouldn't order before I finished school, I did, so I sent them out on a sleepover elsewhere. A long sleepover. 2 week long sleepover.
I didn;t get to see any of them.
Sooo, I made a deal with my mom that I would get one. That one was Wing it!.
I saw it and I fell in love. It's such an unusual color. In some lights it's pink, and in some it's red. And in other lights it's orang-y. I love it. It has blue/purple shimmer, which is totally unique in my opinion. I never saw it elsewhere.

Here you see the shimmer very well, you can also see how pretty and pink it is, and how much it looks like a duochrome in the bottle (See the orange towards the sides)

Orange-y red.

Pink with the shimmer.

It's a perfect polish <3

1 opmerking:

  1. Roooooze <3
    Deze ziet er echt zomers uit :D Ik ga hem ook bestellen denk ik, had alleen de blauwe catch me in your net gekocht maar vind deze toch ook wel erg mooi!