26 mei 2010

Collistar - Viola Glitter

Hey everyone!

For my entry today, I'm showing you Viola Glitter from Collistar. You might have seen the name around. I saw the polish on Lacquerized.com and I fell in love immediatly. Thing was, the polish was really expensive. But yesterday I decided I could spoil myself for once, and just bought the polish.

viola glitter

Viola Glitter is a beautiful purple polish with very tiny glitter. It seems duochrome to me, in the bottle I see gold, red and lighter purple glows on the glitter.

viola glitter

I absolutely love everything on the polish. It dries up so fast and it covers my nail almost entirely on the second coat. I did a third one anyways. It makes me want to look at my nails all the time. Gorgeous.

Another good point, it doesn't peel of my nails. All mani's I've done the last few months just peeled off my nails, and this one doesn't. Great plus. 5/5. To me.

It did make my camera flip out. Hah.
I really need to do a workshop in photography. Gees, my pictures are bad.

viola glitter

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