29 juni 2010

ORLY - Lola

This was one of the first polishes I have bought since my 'polish madness' started, and I never used it. It was too pink and too bright and too much not me. That idea mostly creeped into my head because my fingers are so red (Too much trauma for my fingers throughout the years and I just stopped biting my nails). I tried to swap it for better stuff, but I never really did.

Sooo I decided to try it on anyways. And I love it. It's one of the most shiny polishes I have ever tried.

The color of the picture isn't really accurate, my camera and stuff. *Curses on camera*. Makes this color more orange-y than it really is.

This is more like it (Not my hand, and I have no idea whose it is, if you know or are this person, please tell me, I'll credit you right away!)

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