14 maart 2010

New online store, and fav polish.

So, one of my fellow forumposters just opened her own nailpolish webshop. She has really interesting prices, so go check it out!
Beware, it's in Dutch!


I also need to tell you about one of the most favorite polishes I own.
OPI Koala bear-y. It's pink. And it's so wonderful. I Don't know why, it just looks charming with my skin. I think it has to be that.

I love it. I don't own it that long, but every time I want to polish my nails again, I want to grab that one. But then again, it seems that OPI is my most favorite brand of polish. Most people I know looove China Glaze to death, but it's just not it for me. I don't have a lot of OPI (Another order is on it's way, hellzyeah), but every bottle I own, I fell in love with.

Also, today, I think I found a new love.
It's expensive, 15 euro's per bottle. But today I decided to spoil myself. I promised myself I could do that once a month, buy one bottle and spoil myself.

I will post pictures tomorrow, I hope you'll like the color as much as I do. I won't tell too much about it now, I'll suprise you.

Have a nice day!

This was the most weird, inconsistent blogpost I've ever made.

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